Build Your Thriving Marriage

Online Marriage Prep without appointments, conferences or books

There are six critical conversations everyone should have before getting married.

Most couples only have one or two.

OurVows is an online video course to walk through the six most important things to talk about before you tie the knot. Couples who have these conversations are better equipped for their marriage. 

Become a couple that thrives in their marriage.

If you want to make your marital relationship the best it can be…

If you’re worried about your marriage and not knowing what to do or say…

If you’re bravely trying this again hoping it sticks…

Our Vows is for you.

Here's how it simple it is:

Watch the Video

6 brief video sessions to spark conversation and offer insight.

Share and Listen

A downloadable PDF workbook to prompt discussion and questions.

Love with Intention

Build a solid foundation in your marriage that will last a lifetime.

Proactively Resolve Future Problems

Start with these critical conversations and avoid the common pitfalls most couples face in the first few years of marriage.

When you are unified, you thrive

  • Understand yourself
  • Know how to best take care of your partner 
  • Communicate clearly about money
  • Grasp the spiritual nature of life
  • Grow in intimacy 
  • Plan for a wonderful future together

Why Our Vows?

After attending many conferences, seminars, workshops, counseling appointments, reading hundreds of books, pamphlets and how to guides, and actually applying and trying various methods, we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Easy Access

Once you purchase OurVows, you can start growing your healthy relationship immediately. The entire OurVows video course – which covers topics such as personality types and money management – is available online.

Your Pace

There are no appointments, deadlines, or expirations for OurVows. Once you start the journey, you are free to go at your own pace. And with lifetime access, you can take 5 days or 5 years to complete the course. It’s completely up to you!

What Our Customers Say...

It stimulated conversations we had but needed to have again. We re-verbalized our personal priorities and discovered how they come together in our marriage. I would highly recommend OurVows  for both engaged and married couples.

Sara and Cameron - Eau Claire, WI (918-830-0178) - Married two years

OurVows was a great supplement to our premarital counseling and I would highly suggest it for anyone who is unable to meet with a counselor in person. It brought up a lot of conversation that helped my fiance and I know how to show love to each other and talk through more details about important topics like money and spirituality.

Quinlyn and Luke, Portland, OR (678-640-1210) - Engaged

OurVows is thought provoking and surprisingly, fun. It encouraged us to learn about and discuss the hard stuff while also providing us with resources to learn more about one another. I mean, we couldn’t have asked for more! OurVows was the perfect addition to our home!

Brooke and Bob, Kansas City, KS - Married two years

Start your Journey

Start with the basics, or purchase the full package with access to our budget template designed just for newlyweds, a “Just Married” window sticker, and weekly tips and tricks for a happier marriage sent straight to your email address.



Access to online video course

Downloadable PDF workbook

Budget Template

Love DNA & Navigating Your In-Laws pdfs

Window sticker



Access to online video course

Downloadable PDF workbook

Budget Template

Love DNA & Navigating Your In-Laws Bonus pdfs

Window sticker

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We believe in love and family. We believe in learning and growing throughout the journey of love and marriage. And we believe in you. A better family means better people and a better world. And that is what it’s all about. It begins right now with you and your fiancé.

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