Our Story

We’ve been married since 1988. We were engaged for six months and apart for three months during that time. We did little preparation before we tied the knot and had no idea what we were in for. 

Our examples of marriage were not exactly the gold standard. We didn’t know what healthy relationships should look like and we were feeling our way through the dark from day one. Fortunately, we both are very determined and gathered as much information as we could from seminars, counselors, books, conferences, 

videos, pamphlets (blogs weren’t a thing yet), and whatever other materials we could get our hands on. Through A LOT of discussion and emotional fortitude we have found joy, love and peace in our marriage, and we can help you avoid all the trial and error we had to go through. We’ve been able to condense what we’ve learned into super concentrated content, and we want to share it with as many people as possible. We believe in love and family. We believe in learning and growing throughout the journey of love and marriage.
And we believe in YOU.

To love,

Kevin & Sabrena

Our Motivation

Not to sound overdramatic, but if something didn’t changed in our marriage, we were headed for divorce. At 10 and 15 years, we needed to fix issues that we should have discussed in the first few months of our marriage. We needed tools and resources that would’ve saved us many arguments, misunderstandings and heartache.

Plus, we spent a few months of our engagement apart. If the internet had existed back in 1988, something like OurVows would have been a much better investment than our $500 long distance phone bill.

After nearly three decades of marriage, we have boiled down a few of the keys to success in marital relationships. These aren’t theories or cliches. These are tangible tools and resources that will strengthen your relationship and make you fall even more in love.

Our Vows

What would happen if you didn’t address the critical relationship topics early on in your marriage? What would happen if you didn’t prepare your relationship for bumps, detours, and potholes in the road to marital bliss? Statistically, the results are bleak: divorce, heartache, or a lifetime of dissastisfaction and sadness.

OurVows keeps couples connected in their
marital journey.

It is important to start with the end goal in mind: a lasting marriage. OurVows does this by addressing these common issues head on. Here’s what you’ll learn in the video course:

Session 1:

Learn about yourselves and why you are the way you are.

Session 2:

Discover how to deeply love your fiancé or spouse the way it resonates best with them.

Session 3:

Start to understand how your partner thinks about money and relationships.

Session 4:

Grasp the spiritual nature of life.

Session 5:

Grow in true intimacy and what it means apart from the media’s distorted message.

Session 6:

Set a course for the direction you want your life together to go.

Go at your own pace...

We have designed OurVows to work with any schedule.

Because there are no appointments, you can go through the course whenever you want. Your time is valuable and your marriage is precious. OurVows honors both by letting you set the pace. 

Because there are no deadlines, you can take your time on each session. 
No pressure to rush through or get it done “on time”. 

And because of our lifetime access guarantee, there are no expirations. 
We understand that some couples who go through premarital or early marriage counseling like having a refresher every now and then. So if you decide to review the material five years from now, you will still have access to do that.

It's Risk Free!

You are 100% safe to try this out. If you and your spouse do not learn something new about each other or improve your relationship in any way, then simply call or email us and we will give you a full refund. In fact, the risk is really on us because we’ll give you your money back, but we can’t go into your computer and remove the downloaded content. We’re trusting you to be great people and not share or pirate our intellectual property. It’s a risk we’re willing to take. We believe everyone will benefit from going through the OurVows journey.

P.S. Imagine what your marriage could be...

Happy, peaceful and long-lasting. OurVows helps couples build healthy marriages and it will help you too. We all know what happens when we put something off – it doesn’t get done. Life gets busy and we get distracted.

Start the journey now and set your marriage up for success!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is an online video marriage prep course. There are six videos meant to spark conversation. There is also a downloadable PDF workbook for you to fill in on your computer or print out.
  • Great! This will prompt even more rich discussion as you watch the videos and attend your counseling sessions. Your counselor will be impressed with how you’ve thought through the topics. Plus, it’s always good to discuss these topics in more depth. Doing so with a professional is even better!
  • No need, just one. You and your spouse can share your course login information.
  • Long distance can be very challenging. Fortunately, this course is all online so you can complete the course over the phone, FaceTime or Skype, or even through writing letters!
  • Nope. We are just two people who didn’t want to give up on ourselves, our kids, or our family. We have been married for 28 years and are hoping to pass on a few of the things we learned.
  • We don’t like them either, and we’ve been to more than our fair share. We hope we’re not cliché and if we are, we’re sorry. We’re old. Okay, maybe not that old! OurVows hopes to bring fresh insight in an interactive medium so you don’t have to go to boring conferences. This course lets you digest the ideas at your own pace and learn and grow from the comfort of your own home.
  • We serve people who want marriage to stick. Divorce has hurt too many people and we want to help. Whether you are young, entering a second marriage or just a parent wanting to give their kids a good tool to help them on their marital journey, OurVows is for you. Plus, if you’re both career-minded with packed schedules, we want to give you an option that doesn’t require booking an appointment during work hours. You’re busy, we’re busy, enter the Internet. Voila!

  •  If you’ve been devastated by divorce and are courageously trying to love again, this is for you.

  •  If you’ve seen how not to do marriage and relationships, this course is for you.

  •  If you want a better chance for you and your future spouse, this is for you.

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We believe in love and family. We believe in learning and growing throughout the journey of love and marriage. And we believe in you. A better family means better people and a better world. And that is what it’s all about. It begins right now with you and your spouse.

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